Fire protection materials

 "PromComplect" LLC is an official dealer and represents the interests of svt Brandschutz Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH International. The company develops and implements passive fire protection both in complex projects and as separate systems and products.

The products of this company were successfully used in various projects such as:

1. Summer Concert Hall Ureki, Georgia: Fire protection system: 1,200 PYRO-SAFE® Combi Bulkheads.
2. Tunnel in Gdansk, Poland: Fire protection boards and PYRO-SAFE systems for 45,000 m2 surface area.
3. Mondi paper mill, Poland: Penetration sealing systems and cable coating for 9,000 m2 surface area. Fire protection system: PYRO-SAFE® FLAMMOTECT-A
4. Tunnels in Sochi, Russia: PYRO-SAFE AESTUVER-T fire protection boards for 80,000 m2 surface area of underground road and transport facilities. Fire protection of steel and construction joints.
5. Oil refinery in Portugal: svt fire protection system
6. Fire protection of the tallest building in Switzerland, etc.